BiWithMe & Xenses

BiWithMe & Xenses

Xenses is proud partner of BiWithMe

March 30th: Join the world's most exciting underground party scene with BiWithMe in collaboration with Killing Kittens.

Inspire. Exquisite. Desire. Explore.
Just a few words to describe the empowering world of both Biwithme and Xenses. It is really no surprise that both luxury brands found each other and have been partnering up, just before the epic BiWithMe and Killing Kitten’s Masquerade soiree in Amsterdam on March 30th, dedicated to allow women to experiment within their boundaries and true to their desires. is a female empowering social network. Its powerful community platform offers you to find like-minded people with same interests. Club members also have the privilege to enjoy the exclusivity of glamorous bespoke soirees hold exclusively for members only. These club members share an intense desire to explore their world and embrace an exceptional lifestyle. To keep and maintain the standards high of the BiWithMe member club, they have a strict members recruiting policy through an application process that begins with an approval by the club's committee. Only the best is good enough for the selected elite members. The BiWithMe members club is an elite haven for sophisticated soaked in prestige and exclusivity.

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